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Cellphone Repairs in Edmonton

We are the smartphone repair specialist shop in Edmonton. Our certified professional technicians can satisfy you with fast, efficient, comprehensive and affordable repair services. To obtain a completely free quote on your smartphone and tablet repair needs, please contact us with some details of your problem nature. The more information you can provide, the better we can assist you to solve the problem. That way we can correctly diagnose the problem and give you an good accurate quotation for the repairs that will be required.

If you would like to speak to a member of our professional and friendly staff directly, Visit Us or Call Us for faster Services. Alternatively you can email us. If you are in the South Edmonton area or anywhere in Edmonton, please feel free to drop into the shop and discuss the issue with a member of staff. They’ll be happy to provide you with information and give you an accurate quote for a mobile phone repair.

List of Smartphone Repair Services we offer:

  • Mobile Phone Unlocking
  • Screen Replacement
  • LCD Replacement
  • Headphone repair
  • Microphone problem
  • Keypad repair
  • Display problem
  • Charging Port / Flex Cable replacement
  • Water damage repair
  • Liquid damage repair
  • Impact damage repair
  • Housing / casing replacement
  • Wifi/wireless problem repair
  • Low signal reception issues
  • Broken Screen repair
  • Broken touch glass / digitizer repair
  • Broken charging port
  • Speaker repair
  • SIM slot (reader) Repair
  • Memory slot repair

iFix Repair Center is specialist for cellphone repairs in Edmonton. We work closely in conjugation with all major insurance companies for all smartphone repair service. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact our smartphone repair shop.

We provide not only in-warranty services but also repair out-of-warranty problems ranging from water damage, broken screens, battery, power button / charging port issues, water damage, other breakages to insurance claims.

We are one of the well accredited smartphone repair stores. With direct genuine support from the manufacturers, all our local smartphone repair technicians are certified and experienced in the industry to give you the maximum possible satisfaction for the service we provide.

Tablet Repair

Tablets offer much more flexibility and convenience to people than phones does. From watching movies, reading books, creating presentations for work, talking to clients on Skype while on the move to keeping themselves entertained with games and connecting with friends and families through social media, there is nothing that tablets cannot do. Thus, if your tablet is broken or is not working, you want it repaired quickly. Whether you have a broken glass, broken LCD, charging problems or your tablet won’t turn on, bring it to us. We are professional and qualified to carry out such repairs to get it fixed up at the earliest.

By using the highest quality replacement parts, we make sure that your device will work like new. We replace only those parts that are required to be replaced and will not burden you with the cost of repair that your tablet do not need. We work on all leading tablets of different brands.

When it comes to the First and Second generation of the iPhone, you have to first take out the SIM tray with a small paperclip. Then remove the screws on both sides of the charging spot and take off the back cover using a little force. Detach the ribbon cable that connects the case to the top.